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Hello, my name is Greg Brown. My experience teaching English dates back to my years in graduate school. I taught English as a Second Language to international students while earning a Master's Degree in English literature at the University of Florida. Later, I spent several years teaching English as a school instructor and private tutor while living in Santiago, Chile.

In a career that spans over decades, I have worked for major U.S. and global media operations as a reporter, writer, editor and correspondent. I served as Editor in Chief of a widely circulated monthly business magazine focused on Latin America and as Editorial Director for heavily visited news and investment web sites.

In more recent years I have served as a professional ghostwriter for numerous business and financial clients. They trust me to handle their communications output in a virtually hands-free manner. In the spheres of technology, commerce and finance there are few areas where I am at a loss for concise but creative forms of written and spoken expression.

My focus now is on improving your English, wherever you are in your journey. Between face-to-face tutoring sessions I offer free online tools that can rapidly increase your fluency and comfort with English. 

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